How To Pass Your P Plate Test First Time

How To Pass Your P Plate Test First Time

dayna_pass_first_timeI hope you enjoy these excerpts from my book. Like anything passing your P Plate test means practice, this information will show you how to practice correctly and go on to Nail Those Red Ps First Time!

The below is just a small portion of what’s in your book. Along with the DVD and CD you’ll confidently understand what you need to do to perform the required maneuvers and other test requirements on your big day. Enjoy!


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What’s included in your lesson the “Fit 2 Drive4 School Difference”


Fit2drive School BlacktownThe REAL truth about where you should or shouldn’t take your test,the lowdown on RTA assessors and what to expect on the day of your test:


Fit2drive School BlacktownTop 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW


Fit2drive School BlacktownSchool time dangers increasingly I see some of students that should not otherwise fail if they had done their test in times outside of the 8 to 9.30 and 2.30 to 4PM times.There are several items here that you’ll need to watch out for because a small lapse in concentration means ANOTHER test!:

Fit2drive School BlacktownTesting routes! So you wanna know where the “secret testing routes are” here’s the answer..


Fit2drive School BlacktownHere’s a checklist for the morning or a day or 2 before your red Ps. Time and time again in the RTA office I see people stressing out because they are simply not prepared and have not taken the time to get their act together on TEST DAY. I have added a few nice fitness freebies as well! the link is in the PDF Download your free checklist at:

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Fit2Drive School Blacktown

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Helpful Links & Learner Driver Must Knows!

  • Zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) – You cannot have any alcohol in
    your system when you drive a vehicle.
  • Demerit points – If you incur four or more demerit points during a three year period, your licence will be suspended for three months.
  • Display of L plates – L plates must be clearly displayed on the front and back of the vehicle.
  • Licence class – You can only drive cars and/or motorcycles
  • Seatbelts – You must ensure all occupants including yourself, are in a seat that has a seatbelt or an approved restraint fitted and that each passenger is using the seatbelt or restraint.
  • Speed limit – You must not drive faster than 80 km/h and must observe the speed limit where it is below 80 km/h.
  • Supervision – A person who has an appropriate Australian full license (not a learner or provisional license) must sit next to you when you are driving.
  • Supervising a learner – You must not supervise another learner driver.
  • Towing – You must not tow a trailer or any other vehicle.
  • Location restrictions – You must not drive in Parramatta Park or Centennial Park when in Sydney.
  • Display of L plates – Your L plates must be clearly displayed on the front and back of the outside of the vehicle. The letter L on the plate must not be hidden.
  • Mobile phones – You must not use a mobile phone while driving or while your vehicle is moving or is stopped but not parked.
    This includes phones in the hands-free mode or with the loudspeaker operating.


Q: What about the 3 for 1 lessons?

Yes I’m certificate 4 qualified by the RTA so I can offer 3 for 1 driving lesson. Please let ume know when you’d like to book a lesson.

Q: Is it possible to learn in my own vehicle?

Yes as long as Its within RTA regulations for a learner vehicle.
click below on this link to get more information.

Q: Do you provide lessons on weekends?

Yes I’m able to do Saturdays and Sundays with at least a week prior notice

Q: Will you provide your car for the driving test?

Certainly I will lend you a car for your test at a sensible rate. I’m also able to take you for a lesson prior to the test so you feel comfortable and confident.

Q: Is having an overseas license an automatic qualification for an Australian license?

As a temporary overseas visitor, if you hold a current driver licence from another country, you are allowed to drive in NSW on your overseas licence as long as:

Q: How long do you do your lessons go for?

The lessons go for 1 hour and I’ll pick you up and drop you off. I’ll also talk about your 20 point safety analysis which might take 10-12 minutes.

Q: Will you fill in my log book?

Yes. At the end of the lesson, I’ll fill in your log book.

Q: How long will it take to get my license?

It’s totally dependant on your skills and learning abilities. We show you the safest and most practical way to learn to drive, but every student is different. We will not push you to go for your test until you are ready to drive safely and know all the road rules.

Q: Has the new demerit point system been implemented?

As of  31 January 2011, the demerit points threshold for unrestricted licence holders in NSW increased from 12 to 13 points. From 31 December 2010, demerit points for 22 offences committed on or after this date will be reduced or removed.These include roundabout, indicator, bus lane and towing offences. Demerit points for key road safety offences such as speeding and seatbelt use will remain unchanged, So please follow the previous demerits point system until further notification from RTA.

Q: If I am going to drive an automatic but we have a manual car at home, do you advise that I learn both?

It’s best to learn in an automatic as that’s what you’re going to drive. You can always learn to drive manual later if that’s what you want to do. Driving automatic is also easier to learn than manual, so it helps if you gain confidence and road skills in an automatic before trying to learn manual.

Q: How many questions will be asked in the Driver Knowledge Test?

45 questions will be asked in the computer-based test. In order to pass the DKT, you’ll need to answer at least 41 correctly (Of those 12 questions correctly among the 15 general knowledge questions and a minimum 29 correctly among the 30 road safety questions).

Q: What is the minumum age requirement to apply for a driver license?

You’ll need to be at least 16 years old before you can apply for your driver’s license in Australia.

Q: Where can I find more information about getting my driving license in Australia?

You may refer to the official website and get the latest information there. Here is the URL:

Q: Is it possible book my DKT (Driver knowledge test)test online?

No problem, you can book a number of RTA licence tests online with your chosen location, day and time. At this link:

You’re able to book a new test, or to change or cancel an existing booking also through the above website.

Q: Do you offer Keys2Drive Free driving lesson?

Yes, We have driving instructors accredited by keys2drive and they can offer you a FREE lesson. Please register at and call us on 0409771606. Selected suburbs only.

Q: Is Your your car dual controlled?

Yes I’m a certificate 4  accredited Instructor so I provide driving lessons in dual controlled vehicle. In fact, I prefer to use my car for driving lesson.

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Pass Your P Plate Test FIRST Time!

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