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ADISA Excellence In Driver Training

ADISA Excellence In Driver Training

Kim is the founder and CEO of The Australian Driving Instructors  Service Association “ADISA”

Dedicated to Promoting Excellence In The Art of Driver Training

If you’re looking for a very rewarding part or even full time occupation or your a current Instructor that wants to learn how to deliver a better service AND get paid what your worth then you’ll get all the details from our website

Become a Driving Instructor

Become a Driving Instructor

You  will be shown how to generate an excellent part OR full time income through  own successful Driving school business. It will be up to you to determine how much you’d like to make. I cover this in FAQ. You’ll see how I used my marketing background to start and grow a successful business from scratch.

You’ll find out why choosing to become a driving Instructor has one of the lowest financial entry points of any business,while giving you the freedom to “call the shots” in relation to how much or how little you work depending on your current circumstances.

All successful businesses have systems in place. Should you go on and decide to become a Driving Instructor I will give you access to the “systems” I’ve created that generate a constant stream of ongoing and repeat business.

You’ll also have access to the enormous amount of resources that I created to give to my students to help them to go on and “Pass First Time” and you’ll be able to claim these as your own!

You’ll find what I’ve done to overcome all the “hiccups and issues” that I’ve faced along the way and what I did to overcome them.

This course is ideally to suited to both Males and Females.


All Details as well as Your Questions Answered Are At