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“The Complete Guide On Everything You Need  To Do On Test Day About How To Avoid Fail/ Instant Fail Items & Pass FIRST TIME” Includes Book,DVD and CD

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Kim Martin Certificate 4 qualified “k2d” Accredited  Master Driving  Instructor.CEO Australian Driving Instructors Service Association Owner  www.fit2driveschool.com

How To Pass Your Red P Plate Test First Time

Read, Watch and Listen To First Time Pass!

Read, Watch and Listen To First Time Pass!

Whats in the “Pass First Time Book”

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWKims Tips The 17 +essential items that your assessor will be looking for you to do on the day

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWHow your logbook can determine whether or not you’ll pass your test!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWThe MOST Common Cause Of WHY many L platers FAIL Their Ps First Time and what you’ll need to do to avoid this trap! How to avoid FAIL/INSTANT FAIL items

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWWhich RTA is best to take your test? Here’s the answer…and you may be very surprised

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWHow to reverse Parallel Park the EASY way, become a Reverse Parallel Parking expert in 12 minutes! DON’T wait till 1 week before your test to learn how to park!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWThe four essential test maneuvers how to perform them correctly

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWWhat makes a good Instructor-what you NEED to look for BEFORE paying for more than a one lesson session!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSW“Anatomy of a driving lesson” Exactly what we do and what you get in a 3 for 1 Fit2DriveSchool driving lesson- What other Instructors Don’t tell you!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWThe day BEFORE Your test essential tips! And what you can do to ease your nerves, safely and legally!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWWARNING Early Morning and late Afternoon Tests/Driving what to watch out for and it’s NOT speeding. It’s a common item that happens all the time and will be recorded as “Instant Fail” if you do this in your test!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSW2 Stage braking, How to slow down and stop smoothly and efficiently with less wear and tear on your brakes

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWThe RTA safer drivers course and other useful links to help you “NAIL” those red Ps!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWDownload each of the twenty individual driving lessons ! and save hours of going through multiple pages of “The road users guide” “Guide to the driving test” you ONLY need your learner drivers log book

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWPLUS A recorded version of  “A Guide to The Driving Test”  it’s a MUST listen for all new drivers going for their red Ps.

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWTop Ten Misunderstood Road Rules- a series of very informative videos that least for about a minute each-essential to your P Plate success!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWThe “Score Sheet”  what your assessor will be using to mark your test and a brief explanation

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWSo what exactly is “Low Risk Driving”?

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Postage FREE You will be immediately be granted access to the download area and your DVD and CD will be posted on the same day

  •  Printable PDF Of The book Plus Physical copies of the DVD and CD- and I promise the booklet does NOT contains 200 pages of useless information. Its exactly what your assesor will be looking for you to do on test day!

The CD

  • You will also get a CD of Kims Tips and “A guide to The Driving Test”-This is the essential NO FAIL items you’ll be assessed against. Just pop it into your CD player and listen to while you drive.


  • You will also get included a DVD of me doing an actual driving lesson showing you what NOT to do to fail. My Normal rate is $70 per hour for a 1 hour lesson! You’ll get a step by step commentary covering everything from the correct way to reverse park, return to kerb and 3 point turn as well as other essential things your assessor will be looking for you to do on the day

I know that many people are unable to afford having a lot of lessons with an instructor or simply live in areas where there may be limited availability to an instructor, this book, DVD and CD will help you to get those Red Ps first time around AND at the same time  help you to “drive safely”


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Immediate Access To The Download Area & Free Postage $37

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Fit2drive School BlacktownThe first part of the book can be read in one sitting, okay, it’s like you want to eat the desert first! It’s the specific items your assessor will be looking for you to do on the day.

The second half contains the “Meat And Veg” The REALLY good stuff. The in-depth material that will elevate you to the skills of a “Driving God-Or Goddess” well maybe not quite but you’ll sure be up in the top 5% of safe road users! I hope you enjoy this book, put the material within to good use and safe driving!

This book is not meant to replace the “Road Users Guide” or “The Guide To The Driving Test” instead it will give you the necessary information you need to pass your test on the FIRST OCCASION in relation to the specific things that your assessor will be looking for you do on the day, while still promoting safe driving practices and showing you how to avoid FAIL and INSTANT FAIL items

In The Second half of the book: I have also included links to many useful resources for either the parent or the student who wishes to gain an even better understanding of “Safe Driving Practices”

Sadly I see many young drivers who once they have passed their ”Ps” seem to have forgotten about what they had to do to pass the test in the first place. I’m not going to quote statistics as it’s not my purpose to lecture you; however I hope each and everyone of reading this understand that are responsible for not only your lives but the lives of the people you travel with and other road users.

You can: Read this book in one sitting if you wish or take all the time you need going over it. It doesn’t matter! Use a highlighter, Red Pen, Underline BOLD, make notes whatever it’s YOUR book, just USE the information inside to “Nail those Red Ps First Time” as well as become a safer driver!

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